Ford Drivers Near Fort Wayne Pack for Winter

There can be nothing more strenuous than driving during the winter months. With all the unpredictable weather that gets thrown our way, it’s important that you’re always prepared. Our Ford dealer serving Fort Wayne doesn’t want to see you stuck on the side of the road during a troublesome storm, spinning your wheels with worry.

Fort Wayne area Ford Dealer Simply just take the time to stock your vehicle with these handy items that will be essential if you find yourself in an emergency. These supplies will be your ultimate form of insurance, as you’ll be able to drive with the peace of mind that you’re ready for anything.

Winter Weather Preparedness

Pack a Blanket

A simple blanket will make all the difference if you find yourself buried on the side of the road in a snow bank. In the event that your car won’t start, you’re going to have to keep yourself warm without the heat. Bundle up with the blanket that you packed and you’ll stay nice and toasty.

Light Up The Road

If you do get stranded, you’re going to want to make it as easy as possible for someone to find you. By packing road flares, you’ll be able to set markers off for your potential rescuer to discover you.

First Aid Kit

This should always be in your car, no matter of the season because you never know when an accident can happen. While packing a first aid kit is very important, knowing how to use one is just as vital. Knowing how to apply a leg splint in the time of need can make all the difference.

Jumper Cables

There’s nothing worse than coming out to your car after a cold night, turning the key to start it and hearing nothing. Well when this happens, you’ll be happy that you packed those jumper cables because a little jump from another car will start you right up.

Ford dealer incentives near Fort Wayne Ice Scraper and Shovel

Fort Wayne area Ford drivers know that every now and then you’re going to have to dig out your car. Well, if you find your car buried under snow when you walk out of work one afternoon, you’ll be able to quickly dig it out and brush it off with these handy tools.


Carrying a bag of sand in your car will not only add weight that will help in supporting your vehicle during a snowstorm, but if you do find yourself stuck in snow, you can spread some on the road to create traction that will free you.

These quick winter survival supplies will make the difference in almost any winter weather scenario. You don’t want to find yourself in the situation that you need something on this list and you don’t have it in your vehicle. We want you to always be prepared, so come on in to our Lincoln dealer near Fort Wayne and meet with us. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call at (888) 694-1963.

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