Halloween Safety Tips from StateWide Ford!

Trick or treaters on the porch

To help make this year’s festivity a trick-free treat, we’ve compiled some simple safety tips for you to follow. These tips may not make your Halloween night any less scary, but they’ll definitely make it safer. If you have a couple tips to share, please do and as always, have a happy haunted Halloween! Continue reading


Trade In Your Current Vehicle at StateWide Ford!


Is it time for a new vehicle?

Take advantage of our Vehicle Exchange Program, happening now at StateWide Ford!

Due to current market conditions, StateWide Ford has an immediate need for pre-owned vehicles in good condition. We evaluate all makes and models and offer well above Kelley Blue Book Fair Trade Value for those vehicles qualifying for our Vehicle Exchange Program. Continue reading

The ABCs of Car Care


A – Always follow a preventative vehicle maintenance plan.

B – Be sure to have your car inspected when you suspect there is a problem.

C – Correct the problem to help avoid the inconvenience and potential safety hazards of breaking down on the road.

Understanding the basics of car care before taking the wheel will help keep drivers safer on the road! StateWide Ford wants every drive to remember the below preventative vehicle maintenance tips: Continue reading

Andy’s Letter: People

For those of you who are new to reading this article I write each month, I say WELCOME. I also need to tell you about the series that I have been involved in over this year. It started with November of last year. You know, The Month of Thanksgiving. I queried, “Why do we save our thankfulness for that one month that includes Thanksgiving Day?” I have heard about people who do a month of Thanksgiving in which they pick a different thing to be thankful for each day of the month of November. Yikes! That is thirty things in thirty days. Most start out strong and then start to waver in the second or third week. It is hard to do! So, I set for myself the goal of being thankful each month for something and to write about it here. A Year of Thanksgiving! Continue reading