What Not To Keep In Your Car During The Summer

Ford Dealership Summer Tips

With the summer months bearing down upon us, there are certain items you know for sure not to leave in your Ford. Things like candy bars and lipsticks are obvious ones, as are pets and small children. It almost seems like the things you shouldn’t leave in the car are pretty much no-brainers, right? While some definitely are, we’re willing to bet that you didn’t think of the following items as ones not to leave in the car when it’s hot out!

  • Medications: When you’re parking your car in the driveway and going inside, there’s a good chance you’re not forgetting your medication in the backseat. However, what if you’re going somewhere and you bring it with you in the car? While that’s a good idea, leaving it in a hot vehicle can actually change the chemical composition of your medication or just make them less potent.
  • Your Favorite CDs: Well, all of your CDs really. While the heat won’t “break” your CDs, they’ll become increasingly more warped, making them harder to read by your player or computer if you were planning on ripping them. If it’s hot enough, or if you left them in there long enough, your CDs will melt… and then you definitely won’t be able to listen to them.
  • Canned Soda: If you’re headed to a party or just over to a friend’s house with a case of soda, or any carbonated beverage, it’s best to grab that as the last thing before you go. Carbonated beverages left in a hot car for any period of time have a tendency to explode, instantly making you the least popular person at the party and giving you a new job to be done to the inside of your vehicle when you get home. Not fun!
  • Electronics: If you’re relying on your GPS or phone to get you to where you need to go, definitely don’t leave it in the car when you’re not there. The heat can irreversibly fry the electronics on the inside of the device, or just overheat it to the point where it won’t turn on for a while. The same concept goes for any MP3 player you’ve got as well!

So next time you’re visiting our Ford dealership, make sure you’re paying attention to what you leave in the car during the summer months! You’ll be in here checking out all our great Ford vehicles for quite some time, we’re sure.


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