Twelve Months of Thankfulness: Month #4, Liberty

Twelve months of thankfulness. Phew! Some might consider that a tough assignment, but I am learning there is a lot I am thankful for. Doing something intentionally makes one aware of it rather more intensely than just going along and letting it flow across the day or week or month unnoted. Sure we’re all thankful day in and day out for a multitude of things, however, saying it aloud or writing it down crystallizes it making it stand out against what can be the humdrum of everyday existence. For those of you playing along at home, you know what I mean.

And so here we are in February. It is the month of Valentine’s Day, Ground Hog Day, Mardis Gras, and even International Condom Day. Mostly worthy events to be thankful for. It would surely be easy to talk about my Valentine with great reverence and thankfulness, but either I have already done so or I will do so before the year is up. February is the birthday month of some great Presidents and that reminds me of our founding fathers and the legacy of liberty they have left us. For that I am so very very thankful.

I just finished watching the “Sons of Liberty” on the History Channel and it reinforced what I already knew. Our founding fathers were quite an amazing group of men that came together and stood up for what they believed were unjust policies of a far away government. Not only were their ideas and objectives radical at the time, their actions were brave and dangerous. They put forth an idea, brought it to consensus, and risked their lives to bring forth a new nation. For those who have not seen it, I recommend it. See a replay of it or hunt it down somehow. It brings alive the early history of our nation and what allowed the liberty we enjoy in our modern day. It brings our school textbooks alive with drama and humor and believability that we don’t get on the page. Watch it and be amazed.

It also reminded me that I want to go back and re-watch the HBO series on John Adams. It was based on a book by David McCullough, one of our greatest historical novelists. It is amazing and tells the same story plus much more from a different angle, that of John Adams. It is a greater commitment of time and effort, but well worth it.

So, for month #4 I am thankful for the liberty we enjoy here in the USA and for those founding fathers that made it all possible. This is not political. Everyone benefits from their efforts of nearly two and a half centuries ago. All parties, all creeds, all religions, all persuasions of any kind should join me this month in being thankful for Liberty.

Have you been intentional about being thankful for something in February? One-third of the 12-months of thanksgiving has been recorded. Only eight more to complete our Year of Thanksgiving? “How Thankful Are You?”

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