A Letter from Andy: “Month #2: All My Associates”

Well, it is that time of year again when gifting and frivolity run rampant throughout the cities and countryside.  Okay, I can be a little bit of a Scrooge, bah humbug and all that rot.  I was raised to believe each of us should work hard and earn our merriment and happiness.  It is that time of year, though, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  If you prefer, Happy Holidays!

Some folks don’t like the phrase Happy Holidays because they think those using it are trying to avoid saying “Christ”mas.  If that’s what they’re doing it seems the joke is on them.  The origin of the word Holiday is from the Old English “haligdeeg” or “holy day.”  What could possibly be more holy than celebrating the birth of Jesus and all the “holy days” that make up the Advent Season leading up to the most holy of Holidays, Christmas?  So, I say get off your self-righteous high-horse, put away your holier than thou attitude, quit excluding others, and instead invite these Happy-Holidays-people to church and include them in your celebration of Christmas.  Be glad they even acknowledge the season and are not just a bunch of curmudgeons.  Happy Holy Days!!

Last month I committed to not being thankful only in November, the official month of Thanksgiving, by spending a few words here each month talking about what I am thankful for.  It will be a year of thankfulness.  This is only month two, so it is an easy task so far.  When blessed with so many wonderful things as we all say we are, it should be an easy task all year round.  Let me start out by saying I am thankful for all the associates that work for, with, and in the StateWide companies.

I now know how the winners at the Academy Awards must feel.  They get up to the microphone to accept their Oscar statue and then they give a speech.  Usually they are thanking those that helped them achieve their success as an actor, director, screenplay writer, and so on.  Over the years the speeches got longer and longer while they attempted to thank everyone.  Finally, producers of the show started playing music to get them off the stage because all the lengthy thank you speeches made the show last entirely too long.  I mean how can one possibly name and thank every person responsible for their success?  Impossible at one level and really quite boring at another level for all those viewers.  And so it is with me.  How can I thank everyone individually here?  So, I have decided to name those associates who’ve been with StateWide for 5-years or more.  Let me apologize in advance, if I’ve left anyone off the list.  At the risk of starting the “get-off-the-stage-music,” here is a partial list of StateWide Associates:

  • Tracy Bishop, Manager Easy Auto Credit- 6 Years
  • Tony Fox, Service Director Statewide Ford Lincoln- 7 Years
  • Cindy Grubaugh, Office Manager Statewide Ford Lincoln- 5 Years
  • Del Kemper, Parts Statewide Ford Lincoln- 19 Years
  • Patty Kinzie, Office Statewide Ford Lincoln- 5 Years
  • Mike Kreischer, Technician Statewide Emergency- 7 Years
  • Bill Leiter, Driver Statewide Ford Lincoln- 5 years
  • Jeff McDowell, Driver Statewide Ford Lincoln- 6 Years
  • Dave Matarese, Manager Statewide Emergency- 9 Years
  • Steve Munroe, Manager Statewide Ford Lincoln- 21 Years
  • Matt Piske, Technician Statewide Emergency- 8 Years
  • Steve Rick, Sales Statewide Emergency- 5 Years
  • Ralph Rigdon, Driver Statewide Ford Lincoln- 9 Years
  • Kurt Schalois, Sales Statewide Ford Lincoln- 12 Years
  • Ben Showalter, Parts Manager Statewide Ford Lincoln- 8 Years
  • Bryan Spray, Painter Superior Collision- 8 Years
  • Cecil Teeter, Driver Statewide Ford Lincoln- 6 Years
  • Troy Wagner, Technician Statewide Ford Lincoln- 7 Years
  • Tom White, Manager Statewide Emergency- 9 Years
  • Ryan Weichart, Manager Statewide Emergency- 10 Years
  • Keith Wiseman, Manager Superior Collision- 16 Years
  • Jill Wood, Internet Manager Statewide Ford Lincoln- 10 Years
  • Steve Youngblutt, Technician Superior Collision- 16 Years

So, for month #2 I am thankful for all the associates of StateWide.  Thank you each and every one.  What are you thankful for this December?  Have you joined me on the 12-months of thanksgiving?  You only have to come up with ten more things that you are thankful for to complete our Year of Thanksgiving?  “How Thankful Are You?”

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