Safety Tips for Driving in Summer Storms!


Spring and Summer storms can crop up fairly quickly! Storms always have a level of danger to them, but when you’re stuck out in a downpour while on the road, the danger level always increases! It’s important to know how to react when a storm hits while you’re behind the wheel, so checkout the tips below to help you stay safe! Continue reading

Tips to Help your Vehicle Survive Hot Temperatures!

Summer Car CareWhen we think about taking care of the internal components of our car, we typically associate car problems with winter. However, heat can also push a vehicle past its limits. StateWide Ford recommends drivers address five key areas of their vehicle to ensure it survives the high temperatures. Remember, a safe vehicle means a safer you! Continue reading

America Singing

AmericaEach month has its own distinct flavor.  July’s is that of The 4th of July, the day we celebrate Independence Day here in America.  It may start early in the month with cookouts and fireworks and parades, but the aroma and flavor of it linger long after the taste of burgers on the grill, the sounds of brass bands, and the smoke from the rocket’s red glare fade.  It really is a month long celebration of the spirit that founded America in 1776 and continues to make it great eleven score and eighteen years after. Continue reading

StateWide Ford: Another Satisfied Customer

Here at StateWide Ford we pride ourselves on excellent customer service! It’s our number one priority to ensure that every customer that walks through our door or visits receives the best sales and service experience from beginning to end.

We always love getting reviews and recommendations from happy customers and whenever we receive a review that especially stands out, we like to highlight it. This week, we’d like to share a 5-star review from a very satisfied customer!

Statewide Ford - Testimonial Continue reading

Road Trip Food Tips from StateWide Ford!

Son and daughter (6-10) helping father load luggage in back of c

With the arrival of summer comes a season of fun, sun and of course road trips! While all-day car trips are full of fun and adventure, if you’re not prepared, they can quickly turn into disasters. Part of a road trip preparation is ensuring that you are well-prepared with nutritious snacks and drinks- just because you’re stuck in the car for hours doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy! We’ve put together a list of excellent food-on-the-go tips to help you stay healthy and satisfied while on the road. Continue reading