“Spring Wherefore Art Thou”

Spring wherefore art thou? Sounds rather Shakespearian, doesn’t it. Well, it will certainly be a tragedy of Shakespearian proportions, if Spring does not make a grand entrance soon. Phew! What a winter we’ve had or more correctly are still having. I assure you, however, just as Romeo promised to change his name to bridge the gap between their families and the possibility of their love, Winter will change to Spring.

With Daylight Savings Time we get an extra hour in the evening instantly and the days just get longer and longer from there. DST is a shot in the arm even though it disrupts my sleep a little bit. A few days and the adjustment will be made. Such a joy to seemingly have more time. And that is just the start. Sure the temperatures are still fluctuating wildly from day to night and from day to day, but we are experiencing more days above 40-degrees than we are days below 0-degrees. It wasn’t that long ago the reverse was in effect.
So, the reliable Earth is tilting on its axis more and more toward the sun for us. Of course, the farmers are itching to get at it. Those who went South for the winter have come back home and are out in the machinery sheds preparing their equipment for the Spring ground working and planting. Changing filters and oil, lubricating chains, checking belts, replacing worn out bearings. If you are looking for another metaphor, there it is. It is your Spring, too. Time to start the process of fixing up, sprucing up, and gearing up for the warmer weather and planting those seeds of activity and fertilizing those plans for improvements. Get prepared now, so you are ready to go when the weather turns and the opportunity for a completely new experience comes up. Cannot begin to tell you what it is, but if you are prepared and have an open mind and heart a brand new experience will present itself this Spring and Summer that will surprise and delight you. If you are prepared, you can say yes and 2014 will be all the brighter for it.
Okay, in the same vein as this quasi-classrooom setting, it’s time for a little English and vocabulary lesson. Everyone pay attention, including you in the back row and those who were not listening during your actual formal education. The prefix “re” is today’s subject. It is used at the beginning of words to mean “again” or “again and again” to indicate repetition. For this exercise today I will list several uses of “re” in words that are applicable to our changing seasons this time of year.
• Rebirth: a renewed existence, activity, or growth; renaissance or revival
• Renew: to begin or take up again; to restore or replenish; to revive; reestablish
• Repurpose: to use or convert for use in another format
• Reuse: to use again; to adapt to a new use or function; to give new freshness or brightness to; restore
• Recycle: to use again, especially to reprocess; to recondition and adapt to a new use or function
• Refresh: to give new freshness or brightness to; restore; freshen up; to renew by stimulation
So, ya get it. Spring is here, or nearly so, and it is time to for a re-do. Let’s make this the best Spring and Summer ever.
Started with Shakespeare and me thinks I should end so. For those of you who believe this winter will never end or that some personal stretch of icy cold and early dark might never lift, I quote Queen Margaret from “Henry VI, Part III.” Her words of encouragement that may help you await the arrival of warmer days are, “Cold snow melts with the sun’s hot beams.”
Class dismissed.


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