StateWide Ford: Assembling Your Travel Car Kit!

Broken Down

Whether you’re driving a mile from your home or traveling across the country, we’ve all had some kind of emergency while on the road. Emergencies can range from spilling your coffee all over your seats to running over a nail, to forgetting to fill up your tank and running out of gas! Unfortunately, you can never fully predict what will happen to you while behind the wheel, but there are several things you can store in your car that will make emergency situations a little less stressful, and could even save your life. Below is a list of in-car must haves for you to have every time you hit the road. We hope you never actually have to use these, but if the time ever comes, we want you to be as prepared as you can be! Continue reading


“Spring Wherefore Art Thou”

Spring wherefore art thou? Sounds rather Shakespearian, doesn’t it. Well, it will certainly be a tragedy of Shakespearian proportions, if Spring does not make a grand entrance soon. Phew! What a winter we’ve had or more correctly are still having. I assure you, however, just as Romeo promised to change his name to bridge the gap between their families and the possibility of their love, Winter will change to Spring.
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