“Future Thanksgiving”

Here we are at another Thanksgiving Day in America. For some reason this year I’ve heard a couple of stories about the questionable accuracy of the historical account of the Pilgrims first Thanksgiving with the Indians. Well, it is true that history is made by those who record it, so maybe it did not go the way we learned it. It does not make me any less thankful, however, nor any less likely to declare my thanksgiving.

This year as many in the past I am thankful for my health and the good health of many I know and love. I am not saying that I or everyone I know has perfect health, yet I am thankful for the good health that seems to be all around us. Thanks should be given for the generosity of others. Without the small and large philanthropy from all segments of our community we would not be able to support the many organizations that help the less fortunate. Speaking of our community, we should all be thankful for the safety and calm that is the norm here in Van Wert and Northwest Ohio. Some communities in our very own nation are frightening and dangerous to live in. Even during the contentious political atmosphere that pervades nearly every day, we still live in a country with greater freedoms and mobility than any other ever on the planet. And we are protected from outside threats by brave men and women of the military that serve bravely throughout the world. Yes, freedom and protection are easily taken for granted, though they never should be and thanks should be sent up for these daily. And what of family and friends? The last on my abbreviated list and not at all the least. Family and friends are what we live for really and each of us is probably most thankful for them.
Whether historically accurate or not, could those at the first American Thanksgiving known what we’d be thankful for at this future thanksgiving of 2013? My guess is that they could have. These essential things have not changed over the centuries and I doubt they will for centuries to come. Quiz those around you and you’ll quickly discover very few of our modern conveniences and essential technologies make the thankful list. No iPad, no Smart Phone, no Xbox, no cars or houses, no celebrities or politicians, no bank accounts. The thanksgiving list then, now, and well into the future does not change much. Think about what you are thankful for and be sure to relate those feelings to those you know and love. Happy Thanksgiving!


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