“A Really Good Idea!”

A good idea for our community would be something that will increase our quality of life, attract new residents, enhance our image among visitors, renew Van Wert community pride, and possibly improve property values. Gosh, something like that would be A Really Good Idea!

That idea is the New Van Wert Aquatic Center. In fact, it is much more than an idea already. Visit the website vanwertwaterpark.com to learn about what has been done so far to research this project and to see examples of Aquatic Parks in other communities. Hear what folks in other towns have to say about the entertainment value and wonderful outcomes of such an endeavor.
Van Wert businesses and community leaders are behind it in a big way. They have already raised over $1,000,000 in private donations to be held by the Van Wert County Foundation for the expressed purpose of major repairs and capital replacement expenses to insure long-term maintenance and longevity of the Aquatic Center. A second fund has been raised, also to be held by the Van Wert County Foundation, to be used any year that an operating revenue deficiency might occur. This second fund acts as a safeguard to keep the center open and viable in the event that the yearly operating expenses and maintenance exceed the “user fees.” The plan is for the second fund not to be needed, but it is there just in case. This will be a public funded project and that investment will be protected with these two forward-looking funds.
Since it is publicly funded that means it will be voted on this November. If you think this is A Really Good Idea, then I encourage you to Vote YES on November 5.
You can check out many of the features on the website, but here is a list of some of them. Not the same old city swimming pool, this aquatic park will make Van Wert the most envied of area community recreational facilities. Planned for land adjacent to Smiley Park it will include a beach-like entry, a toddler play area, and a competitive 25-meter swimming pool with eight lanes, along with a state of the art bathhouse, concessions, and low-maintenance landscaping that will ensure user friendliness and support. There will be plenty of shade structures, tables with umbrellas, and a pavilion to provide protection from the sun when desired. Of course, there are large dedicated areas for sunbathing, picnicking, and natural turf and ample new parking will prevent over-crowding. The facility can be rented out for parties and special events. Then there’s the fun stuff: a large sprayground, water-walk features, many interactive spray-play elements, and amazing water-slides. It’s the “ole swimming hole” of the 21st century.
Come on, you know it’s “A Really Good Idea!” Vote YES November 5th for the New Van Wert Aquatic Center!


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