“Local Excellence…Really!”

“Local Excellence…Really!”
We live in an age of extreme marketing, super spin, and clever slogans. Whether heard on the radio, read in a pamphlet, seen on a billboard, or discovered during a Google search, we are all more than a little skeptical of over the top claims about products, services, and programs from any number of businesses and organizations.
I operate a business right here in Northwest Ohio and I know how important it is to show StateWide in the best light for the public to see. I want potential customers to believe we offer the best products and services of any car dealer around. And we do exactly that. However, why would you believe me, since I am the one who benefits from your believing. The opinion you’d really like to hear, and I’d like you to hear, is that of a satisfied customer giving a testimonial about how fabulous StateWide is. Marketing like that cannot be bought at any price.
Well, I am a satisfied customer ready to voluntarily give my testimonial about Van Wert County Hospital. My wife and I both spent a couple of days there as a patients last month. As many know, in the past I have spent plenty of time in world class hospitals across the nation. I am not a doctor nor do I hold any degrees in medical care, but by any measure I am considered an expert at being a patient. As an expert patient I declare Van Wert County Hospital a top-notch medical care facility. It is a glowing example of “Local Excellence…Really!”
Starting with the ER, then Radiology, the lab, 2nd and 4th floor, the nurses, aides, physicians, and technicians are the best. These are the areas I had personal experience with, though I am sure the rest of the hospital and its departments are on the same par. And Mary, my wife, agrees. As a community we are very lucky to have such a facility filled with committed professionals delivering the best medical care anywhere. Our local hospital is not a “band-aid station.” Sure they can take care of the bumps, scrapes, and sprains of everyday life, but as an experienced patient I can tell you they are so much more. “Local Excellence…Really!”
Now, I hope you never need to learn what a terrific place Van Wert County Hospital is, but rest assured that if you do you’ll get the same excellent care I received. In the meantime, visit the hospital website at VanWertHospital.org to learn about their medical services and mission to serve the community. For over a century they’ve been evolving into the hospital you see on South Washington Street today. For more than 100 years Van Wert County Hospital has been an independent organization committed to the well being of Van Wert. How fortunate we are to be so near the Best Care Anywhere. “Local Excellence…Really!”