“Round and Round We Go”

Depending on when you read this, Spring is nearly here or it has just sprung. The snow is gone and the hard permafrost earth under our feet is turning out to not be that permanent. The seasons are definitely changing, so round and round we go.
I cannot say for sure if planet Earth is heating up or, if it is, why it is. Global Warming is debated on both sides by people much smarter than me. The only thing I can say with certainty is that the Springtime’s warmer air and longer days here in the Midwest means it is time for farmers to get ready for another growing season. They are opening up machinery sheds and barns that have been shuttered all winter. Prepping of equipment is in full swing as tires are filled with air, chains are lubed, and bearings are replaced. They are beginning, again, their annual circle of life.
The process farmers go through to get ready for planting their crop is an object lesson for the rest of us. They do it year in and year out no matter how good or how bad the previous fall’s crop yields and crop prices were. If it had been a really good year, why not sell the operation for top dollar and retire to Florida while young enough to enjoy the beach? If it had been a really bad year, why not let the bank have it and quit throwing good money after bad year in and year out. Though it seems to be in their DNA, the oft used phrase diminishes the effort required and the intensity with which the preparations are carried out. These hardy souls wake up early and go all day for weeks and months before the first seed is put I the ground. And yet it seems nothing can stop the process. Rousing the energy to get off the couch for another cup of coffee is more than most people can manage, but farmers take a thermos of coffee to the barn with them so they can keep working without interruption. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a big fan of farmers. They embody most of what’s right about America and way of life.
Of course, it is not only farmers who are engaged in the starting over, the renewal, the beginning all over again. Teachers and educators prepare for the new school year and the influx of young eager minds ready to learn. Shopkeepers constantly rotate the calendar and get ready for the next season, be it Spring Do-It-Yourself time, Back to School, or Christmas. Parents ready their children for a new soccer season or math challenge or the move from primary to middle school. Here at StateWide we notice the annual re-beginnings each year and welcome them with enthusiasm and a certain familiarity brought on by the inevitability of it all. The Circle of Life . . . round and round we go.