“Suggestions” By: Andy Czajkowski

There are plenty of reasons to be positive these days.  Can’t think of any?  Here’re a few suggestions.

  • Spring is here and life springs anew all around us – especially in the rich Midwestern farmland that is part and parcel of our cumulative wealth and heritage.
  • Our farmers are preparing the soil and busying themselves as they enter the most active time of the year spending money on fuel, supplies, parts, equipment, and labor.  Be happy when your commute is delayed by a Slow Moving Vehicle emblem because that is the sign of productivity.
  • Graduation is just around the corner and students of all ages will be moving to the next level of education or entering the workforce as a productive member of society for the first time.  It is a most celebratory time, so find a graduate and congratulate them in the next month or so.
  • Our state is politically an important player in the politics that shape our nation and our futures.  Whether you agree with him or not John Boehner’s influence is indisputable as the Speaker of the House and he is from right here in Ohio’s 8th Congressional District. 
  • Additionally, Ohio is a presidential election-time powerhouse with all its large industrial cities and many small rural communities.  Often referred to as a “swing state” Ohio can determine the outcome of national elections.  It’s good to feel like your vote makes a difference and in Ohio it really does!
  • The economy is not flat on its back anymore.  Okay, it is not exactly running any footraces just yet, but it is no longer on life-support.  Folks have gotten back to the fundamentals of working hard, spending wisely, borrowing judiciously, and saving for a rainy day.  These are all healthy signs and the prognosis for our long ailing patient is looking good.

Some will continue to be skeptical and cynical and not buy into the above.  For those folks I suggest the following physical or emotional jump starts to get your “positive-motor” running.  The truly ambitious can do them all.  1) Start a walking program.  Get out every day and add a little distance or a slightly faster pace each time.  Keep track of your progress with a simple walking-log.  Do it for at least 10-weeks and it will become a habit that will add years to your life, a spring to your step, and color to your cheeks.  2) Get a dog or a cat.  If you can’t afford one or your accommodations don’t allow one, then help a neighbor care for theirs by pet-sitting or assisting in some manner.  Being kind to animals is life affirming, calming, and satisfying.  3) Set a goal to read one novel each month.  No self-help books, no non-fiction.  Find a genre of fiction that is interesting to you and read for the pleasure of reading.  Your vocabulary will increase and your outlook on life will broaden.

That’s it.  Sure they’re just suggestions.  If you like you just the way you are and can’t think of any reason to improve your outlook then don’t bother.  It’s your call.  They’re just suggestions.